Hi there, Nice to meet ya!


Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by! Before you read this I expect-no want- you to take your shoes off and stay awhile, and maybe find yourself a cute top or some nice accessories to match those darling shoes you just slipped off!

My name is Kelind, friends call me Kiki! I am a stay at home working mom living out her dreams and working out her fears. I thought I would take a moment to tell you a little about myself, and I hope to get to know you too (be my friend on Insta-@kelind_anne)!

Nice to meet you-I hope you have poured yourself a glass of wine, coffee or sweet tea-as there is nothing better than sipping and shopping-at least in my opinion! And in a small sense that is why I decided to open Garbed in Glitter & Grace! I think a girl deserves to wake up and shop over a cup of coffee with her favorite show in the background, or sit on the back porch-listen to some country or kick her shoes off from a long day, take her bra off (cause ladies we all know how fantastic that feels) and pour herself a glass of wine to wash the stressful day away.  Cheers!

So, before you get up and pour yourself another, here’s a little more detail about me:

I love all things glitter, coffee & romance!

Being a mom is the best and hardest title to live in

I will never say  “no” to a macaron…or a glass of wine.

I love sincerely, smile often & second-guess myself constantly!

I believe in the power of the written word.

Family is everything to me

I need Jesus on a daily basis.

I watch way too much reality TV and have watched all seasons of Gilmore Girls at least 10 times.

I am beyond proud to be an American where I can endlessly pursue liberty and happiness.

This is me, this boutique is more than a business venture, more than a side-hustle, more than a brand, it’s my passions, my loves, my fears and my dreams all wrapped in one! I may fall, or I may fly, but either way, I would love to have you join me for the ride…and hey, at least I will look good doing it!


With glitter&grace,